LOVELAND A601G - Sheet Music - Key of G - Band, Vocals & Strings


Very romantic retro style lounge pop love song at an energetic tempo. This will improve your Valentine's Day for sure!

Arrangement #601 contains complete string parts for cello and viola/violin, piano & bass plus accurate guitar chord diagrams.

Lots of speedy quintuplets in piano part but once you get the hang of it only presents medium difficulty. The sheet music software playback is robotic in the demo. Just play the part like a human being and it works fine.

The melody on this tune is an easy single octave. Key of G means alto or high tenor range (low baritone down an octave). Lead vocal note span: A-A low to high

[ATTENTION: The guitar chords in this key require 7th fret capo (this piece can also be played using traditional common open position chords).]

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[NOTE: This listing contains an entertaining Sing-A-Long Soundtrack video.]


Original Song. Original Sheet Music. Custom Made For Music Lovers.

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Complete music score
Staves: vocals (2), piano, bass, viola/violin (2), cello
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G [video]
Contains accurate guitar chord diagrams
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13 pages
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LOVELAND A601G - Sheet Music - Key of G - Band, Vocals & Strings