AGAPE (For God So Loved The World) A601G - Sheet Music - Key of G - Synths, Vocals & Band


Fun electronic style arrangement of this bible song. Verbatim lyrics from the Book of John. This is a nice piece for Easter/Holy Week or Christmas (the biblical title word agape is of Greek origin meaning "God's love for humanity").

Arrangement A601G is a professional sheet music score containing lead & harmony vocal parts, four different keyboard staff parts (piano and synths), guitar, bass, and accurate guitar chord diagrams.

The melody of this tune spans 1.5 octaves but the low note is only briefly tagged. Key of G means mezzo or low baritone range. Lead vocal note span: E-B low --> high (octave plus a fifth)

AGAPE (For God So Loved The World) is a featured song in the Worldwide Sleigh Ride Holiday Christmas Music Special Presentation. Learn more at

This song will be available in other keys and other arrangements soon.

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[NOTE: The Key of G listing contains an entertaining Sing-A-Long Soundtrack video]

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AGAPE (For God So Loved The World) A601G - Sheet Music - Key of G - Synths, Vocals & Band

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