23 A300F - Sheet Music - Key of F - Organs, Synth & Vocal


This is essentially the same underlying music composition as Psalm 23 but re-titled to mark the more modern arrangement. The #300 is a rock version with organ and synth sounds. 

This original bible song features ecumenical verbatim Book of Psalms KJV lyrics. The very famous "Psalm 23 A Song of David" is filled with lines you probably will recognize, and I tried to fit them all in here.

Key of F means mezzo or soprano range (bass or baritone an octave lower). Lead vocal note span: C-C

[NOTE: This listing includes the entertaining Sing-A-Long Soundtrack video preview. The Sing-A-Long music videos are fun to watch and also make good learning tools.]


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23 A300F - Sheet Music - Key of F - Organs, Synth & Vocal